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Packaged together , these products encompass our full remote sustainablilty monitoring solution - Watch Energy

Measuring the environmental impact, energy consumption and costs enables expense reductions throughout an organization.

The business mantra goes; “you can't manage what you can't measure”. For organizations that are trying to understand and then reduce their environmental footprint, accurate and timely measurement is needed to build a successful sustainability program. Our solution meets the complex demands of calculating the global rolled-up impact of diverse operations for multi-site organizations. By using a proven architecture that is based upon our award-winning remote monitoring platform, Watch Energy’s Sustainability Monitoring provides enterprises with the rich set of measurement and analysis features to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Sustainability monitoring is a packaged solution that supports sustainability programs by measuring consumptions at properties and delivering reports that show the greenhouse gas emissions, environmental footprint, normalized energy consumptions and costs. Measurement is performed by installing our remote monitoring equipment to existing meters, or through routine data entry by property personnel or bill payment services. Normalization of consumption is based on weather, production, property use and other factors to provide accurate analysis. Flexible reports provide a rolled-up view of the enterprise with options to highlight individual regions, areas or properties. Also, information is shared with the EPA’s EnergyStar portfolio manager to acquire benchmark scores that can be used to label properties.


If your organization has multiple property sites and you desire to get an accurate measurement of the amount of energy and water you use as well as how much waste is produced, then our Energy Monitoring application may be a perfect fit. Since 2000 we have provided organizations with a tool that enables measurement and reporting of the costs and consumptions for utilities at remote properties.

We are an EnergyStar benchmark score provider and can use your energy consumption information to provide a benchmark score recognized by the EPA EnergyStar. If you have an international portfolio of properties, our energy monitoring application can be used across the globe. We support multiple languages and currencies. We have linked up to weather services around the world to provide weather data for degree day normalization of energy usage.

You get enterprise reports showing Key Performance Indicator numbers that describe the energy usage, energy intensity, cost summaries, and rate summaries for all the utilities you want to track, including; electricity, gas, oil, CHP, steam, water, and waste. Also if you have organization specific metrics you would like to have included for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) calculations, they can be accommodated. Individual properties get their own reports that describe the local performance. Comparisons are made versus prior years, benchmark years, budgets and forecasts.

Our energy monitoring application acquires data through three methods, remote monitoring, utility bill data input and manual meter readings. If remote monitoring is used to acquire data, then abnormal consumption alarms can be programmed to alert you if there is a significant change in your use of any of the monitored utilities.


Corporate social responsibility, company commitments, environmental legislation, truthful marketing, certification and cost savings, are some of the drivers that lead organizations to reduce their total environmental impact. Our environmental monitoring application supports these actions by providing a global company-wide measurement tool that acquires, analyzes and reports on environmental data across the enterprise.

By taking consumption data from all properties and then normalizing their results for weather use and other influential factors, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) numbers are generated showing the total impact of an organization’s operations. These KPI numbers show the overall emissions of greenhouse gases, waste produced and the aggregated consumption of energy and water for an entire enterprise. By comparing these KPI numbers against established benchmarks, our web dashboards and reports are used to find the properties that excel in their environmental performance and direct attention to the properties that could benefit from improvement efforts.

Environmental reporting can be tailored to the needs of the organization. Report tools that match the organization’s structure enables sub-reports that show the results on a divisional or regional basis. Also by inputting custom key variables such as the property usage, our application calculates KPI numbers that show per-unit environmental impact.

The energy consumption data can be acquired by three methods, automatic remote monitoring of utilities at the property, data input of monthly bills, or period meter readings. Multiple languages and currencies are supported as well as all common units of energy. These factors and others make our environmental measurement and reporting tools a truly global application.

We deliver Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to increase business value for our customers. Company customers can save money, save time, focus budgets on competitive advantages rather than infrastructure, and gain immediate access to the latest innovations.

It is considerably less expensive to implement our SaaS application than a traditional on-premises application. By subscribing, you avoid the overhead and IT workload associated with implementing conventional software.

We achieve economy of scale through multi-tenancy. Because we deliver our applications to many organizations using the same infrastructure and software, the overall system is scalable at a far lower cost.

We offer a pay-as-you-go subscription fee that works to your advantage. It is easier to incorporate into a budget than a large one-time outlay and you can change or cancel the subscription at any time without losing a large initial investment.

Because you eliminate many of the implementation tasks associated with licensed software, our Software-as-a-Service delivery makes it possible to get on-line faster.

We are constantly upgrading and improving our applications, and because upgrades are provided as a part of the service, you benefit immediately. Our customers constantly provide us with valuable feedback to help us improve by adding new functions, features and reports. These suggestions are built into our applications, creating even more value for everyone who subscribes.

To provide our customers with a reliable, private and secure multi-tenant service we have taken extraordinary steps. We host the applications on IT equipment located inside a state-of-the-art collocation facility that has on-site security, fire prevention, power back-up and disaster recovery. Blade servers are used in a high-availability configuration that can be scaled to meet growing demand. The equipment is monitored from our network operations center with technical staff that can respond immediately to changing requirements.

Our remote monitoring platform provides advanced features but it is provided at a very attractive cost. Our low risk-solution offers a great return on investment for customers who want to enjoy the benefits and reap the business value of remote monitoring.